John Smith and Peter Young join Coleman Ambris LLP

by Nick Ainscough | Apr 17, 2015

Coleman Ambris LLP are pleased to announce that John Smith and Peter Young have joined the company from Lloyd and Partners Limited (“LPL”).  John and Peter bring a wealth of experience and relationships from the Global binding authorities market and are a natural fit within the existing team.

John started his career in 1981 with The Prudential, has worked in Canada and as a Lloyd’s Underwriter and for the past five years was the Business Unit Leader of LPL’s Delegated Authorities portfolio. Peter started in the business with Butcher Robinson & Staples in 1989  and for the past five years was a producer of Binding Authority business at LPL.

The addition of John and Peter brings additional knowledge and experience to the team and will assist in expanding both the product base and markets we can offer your business.